My Agency Website

Hi everyone… please have a look at and tell me What are your thoughts?

My first thought is “Why’s the navigation on the top in Flash?” It really doesn’t need to be, especially since it’s only got a simple fade transition for each rollover.

I like the font for Calyx on the logo, however, the “powering your business on the internet” part doesn’t look right. (Also, if you ask me, the word ‘internet’ is outdated!).

The email updates signup on the bottom right doesn’t fit in with the rest of the site at all.

One more tiny thing: Make sure that the “Launch Work” links in the portfolio section open in a new window. Makes it easier for people to browse your site, rather than making them hit back loads of times.

^He nailed it, most notably the email form at the bottom is very out of place.

Also get rid of the flash navigation.

thanks for answering :slight_smile: … Well its easy to rollover flash objects as they are in same file instead of making each image separately and their rollover images serprately.

That slogan “powering your business on the internet” is publish everywhere now on posters, Business cards etc. so it will be hard to change that…

And lastly tell me how could i make that EMAIL UPDATES part look better…?

Email Updates should be in that blue script. it should have a light blue border, and the gradiant should be very light orange and flipped vertically (dark is always on top indicating that its inset). The button could be something that matches more another thumb tack or something.

And I don’t think you understand sprites in CSS that whole nav would be one image stacked on top of each other. You see you can offset a background position thus when you put a negative number of -30 it will show the rollover state for your link, the link explains it all.

@Cello, :lol: I thought i was the only one confused by the missing “the”

You’ve some good things going on with the design but you have used way too many types of fonts on the home page! I count at least eight - some are different fonts some are inconsistent use of fonts. Either way such font use makes the design appear messy - ie with the email updates; it’s yet another font (size, weight, etc).

The shading on the email updates box seems out of style with the other design elements, so I’d lose the shading. I’d try and place it between the navigation items and and the white background content box. Don’t use a bold font weight and reduce the font size.

You’ve also used different angles of diagonal which again doesn’t help keep the overall design cohesive (on the home page again).

BTW the ‘Powering your business on Internet’ is missing a ‘the’, I think.

Thanks… hmm yeah “THE” :smiley: I never noticed that too :smiley: LOL