My first animation

I had done my first animation about stick figure.

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just a simple kicking, please give me comments and rate this animation if the maximium score is 100

Hope u had enjoy. But i had a question. I had a layer, I create a circle. I used montion tween from fram 1 to 10. In order i dont wanna mess my layers, because i had alot of layers, can i use the same layer create a square from frame 20 to 30? But when i add keyfram in frame 20, it helps to join from frame 10 to 20. i want to seperate them…

Like this: C=cirlce, E=empty, S=Square


This the frame i want… How do i do it?

you can do that, Use a blank keyframe at frames 11 and then 19, then 20. Then start the new animation on 20.

I’ve seen this foul up movies occationaly. Save your work often and as many different consecutively named files and you should be fine though.

The animation was pretty good. Not as good as some that I’ve seen, but you’re getting the feel for how they move. I’d give you a 75 off the bat. I’m not as tough as some critics though. :slight_smile: You’ll get it though. I am not really all that sure about the thick lines on those figures. I think they should be thinner.

You’re next step is to develope a plot. Try writing a story out. It needs to be writen with zero dialogue, of course, which is a serious challenge. When you have something good in your mind… a story you want to tell, then the animation will have structure and interest involved with it.