My First MX effect

<a href=>behold the power of MX…</a>
(must have the flash 6 player to enjoy…)

one note: don’t keep the animation going for too long in one single pattern cause you’ll notice a slowdown. so remember to click from time to time. and if you’re not viewing it, close the browser, for it has the capability of making your processor kaput.

Are you kidding ,it’s stunning.Well done.
(if you have any tutorials let me know)

Sweet! Good stuff.


that is awesome

It is really amazing thor; you should be featured in a FoED book :slight_smile:

you know what inspires me is a FoEd book called “Flash Math Creativity”. in it, there are a whole bunch of little experiments like mine. i dunno exactly how to actually be featured. obviously, you’d have to be known for what you do. you all should pick it up, it’s a great book chock full of code.