My site in MX

hello\rpls check\rand send in ur comments\rThanx\rEbu

Well, I’ve just seen 2 amazing sites, so excuse me if you think I’m being hard on you. \rFirst, I don’t like the scrolling image. I was wondering if it had any utility for quite a long time, and it doesn’t seem to have one.\rThen I find the colors too flashy. That’s personal, I guess. \rAnd finally, you should really put preloaders, because if there’s something I hate, it is to click a button and see nothing. Write “loading”, I don’t know, but let us know that something’s going on.\r\rBut you’re definitely on the right track.\r\rCheers.\rpom 0]

your sites nice, i like the colors and the scrolling picture. its innovative and creative, unlike some people who just toss their name and some swift3d shapes in a movie and call it their intro.\r\ragain, nice site

well thanx a lot for ur comments i really appreciate it\rand as for the preloaders well i am working on it \ritz jus that i am not able to get it properly can u suggest me some tutorial on the same.\rThanx Once More\rEbu

Go to…ndex.shtml\r\rthat is a link to a tutorial for preloaders. By the way nice website.