Nba mvp

Who do you take and why?

I personally think that Billups is overrated. True, he is the leader of the best team, but he is not as valuable to his team as the other candidates.

Take Nash for instance. He lost 3 of his best teammates last year, yet he led his team to an easy division championship. He made a no-name player in Boris Diaw into a triple-double machine. Also, guys like James Jones, Eddie House, Kurt Thomas, Raja Bell, Tim Thomas, Leandro Barbosa, are all having career years. Best player in the NBA? Kobe, easy. But most valuable to his team? Nash.

And don’t even get me started on LeBron. When a guy calls himself “King of the NBA” before actually graduating from high school, you know he’s got some character issues. That is not the kind of guy you want leading your team.

So state your pick and why.

Kobe and Nash are equally valuable to their teams… being the Lakers fan that I am I voted for Kobe. :pleased:

I say Tony Parker :lol: Most Valuable Playa for datin Eva :smiley: :wink:

Lol, nice. But I wasn’t talking that kind of “player.”

Kobe Bryant, because the LeBron James guy is too arrogant.

I have to go with Kobe Bryant though I do wish I could vote for someobne on the Knicks; They have broken my heart:( :( :( :( :( :( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

They broke Larry Brown’s heart too, literally… okay that was a dumb joke ( I don’t even know why he’s out). :look:

As for Lebron - I don’t think he’s arrogant… I don’t like it when people refer to him as “King James” because he hasn’t done anything to deserve that. But he is a great player - MVP, maybe in a league without Nash and Kobe.

I have no idea about Basketball… I’m just spouting nonsense. :wink:

Larry Brown is out because of his stomach; It is horrible because they have a great team great coach but the chemistry is not there;
As for Lebron James he is no more arrogant than Allan Iverson or anyone else who is paid waaaaaaaay to much to throw a ball. But I still love basketball

Well at least the New York Rangers are in the playoffs:hockey: :hockey: :thumb:

Well if you put it that way - that could be applied to every star of every team on most sports. :wink:

btw: when do they actually decide on the MVP?

[quote=wizard]Well if you put it that way - that could be applied to every star of every team on most sports. :wink:

I agree with you 100%

[/quote] :wink:

The award will be announced sometime after the regular season, but the voters have had their ballots for about a week now.

As for LeBron, you’re right he hasn’t deserved his hype. And I don’t like the way he talks about himself. In almost every post-game interview I see him in, he has something to say about a “great play” he made. He needs to leave it up to the fans and analysts to determine which plays were good, and which were only good because it was he who made them.

Sorry Phoenix, I gotta go with Kobe. He drains everything. He is a good player which is what he gets paid to do, not the greatest guy, but he carries his sucky team.

wow what a response man. and lebron arrogant? nm i dont even want to get into this.

i think kobe would win.:frowning:
but being the dallas fan that I am, i wished it was dirk nowitzki:)

Same here. I voted for Kobe just because he’s the only one I’ve properly heard of.

yes, yes he is [bwh2 basks in the glory of being a life long pistons fan]. you’ve got to remember that being the most valuable player isn’t the same as being the most important player. to me, the most valuable player is usually the most important player but also the player that raises his teammates game, even when his is down.

certainly lebron, kobe, nash, and chauncey are the most important players on their respective teams. but kobe certainly isn’t elevating the game of other laker players. lebron and nash do, but their teams are suspect and not because of talent. when lebron and nash have an off night, their teams are average at best. chauncey elevates his team every night and is probably the most clutch player in the league. taking those and the pistons record into consideration, i give the nod to mr. big shot.

btw, just like the pistons in 2004, i’m ok with chauncey being “overrated” and seemingly not up to the challenge.

Ha ha, I remember that thread all too well. But I stand by my team - besides, the Pistons weren’t the best team the Lakers faced that year… :whistle:

bwh2, you made some good points, and I agree that the Suns and Cavs would be average without their stars, but the thing that Billups does NOT do for his team, is make his teammates better. He does make his team as a whole better, but he does not actually improve his teammate’s performance. Nash has been the best at doing this–he has given many no-name players a turning point in their career. So the Suns success with Nash, while he is the biggest part of it, is not solely caused by him, but rather his teammates benifiting from him.

Kobe’s case is kinda like Chauncey’s, where their teams may have a better record because of the player, but it is only because of his individual performance. To me, the MVP should go to the player who makes the biggest impact on his teammates.