Need Ideas

I need an idea on what to do with the Company Name/Info. I don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to it, but it needs help something serious.

Can you give me an idea of something to do, possible a related tutorial so that I may accomplish it?

Thanks in advance,

one thing i noticed is you need to tell the people that are looking at this site what they are to do, you have to remmeber that not everyone knows a lot about computers. another thing is you really didnt give the uses much choice, some of those pictures had a lot more detail, and i would have liked to look at them a lil longer, and some were simple or boring, therefore i would have skipped through them a little bit faster. and finally, you should try to do something with the “menu” that is exactly the same as the tutorial, you should try and do something a little more origonal. you can keep the idea, just see if you can change something up. i think one of the mager things is give the user some choice, let them decide how long to look at the picture. hope i what i had to say is helpful.


that tree, if thats what it is, it should go, it doesnt really fit, its kind of gross looking. maybe if you had a nice picture of a willow tree and make it fairly large, and drop the alpha down, so that its faint, i think hat would look nice. you should do something with the text up in the corner as well, it should line up nicely on the left side, and maybe make it a little bit smaller and through it down in the bottom right hand side. and dont link all that text to email. make a seprate line that has the email address, and link it there. and make the button have a “hit area” because otherwise it only links when you click on the letter, which looks sloppy if you ask me.


Maybe you could put your images like in the sliding window tutorial. It’s a common effect, but it looks good. Also, if I can give you a piece of advice, even though I’m not a designer, that would be: put different elements in different frames. Not HTML frames, but make a separation between your menu, the place where you load the pictures, the adress…

And I’m not sure about what you want exactly…

pom :asian: