Need MX tutorials, books. Learning on my own too slow

I’ve been learning MX for about 2 months, and I like it, but I need a good book covering its abilities in detail. I still don’t know how to use attachMovieClip, and I spend more time checking syntax than designing it.\r\rAny suggestions?

This site and the tutorials within are really invaluable. I was partial to a book called Flash Actionscript from the Visual series. Awesome and to the point. Of course the Colin Mook book is great “Actionscript: A definitive Guide”. Before buying the Mook book (heh), you may want to wait for the update to MX (if they have it planned).\r\rIf you really want to learn… force yourself to do things. Ask yourself “How can I make a ball bounce across the screen?”, and make it happen… ask questions, etc…\r\rAgain, you could not find more helpful people out there than right here on this site.

Also, learn how to use the Actionscript dictionnary. It’s not always well made, but it’s there… Macromedias’s desdev is a good starting point too.\r\rOther than that, if you want to learn how to use a function, all you have to do is ask :smiley: \r\rpom 0]