Need Urgent Life Advice

Ive been on these forums for quite some time, and a great portion of the members on here are highly intelligent…
I need some advice from other peoples views before I make horrible decision and possibly screw up my life.
If you take your time to read this and possibly respond, thankyou.

Im 17, I turn 18 on Februray 6 of 2008. I absolutely hate my life at home, I need to get out of it. My parents always yell and fight, there is never anything positive ever going on. My dad badgers me, punks me, and makes fun of me, and then the next day comes and attempts to apologize for being such an a*hole. I can’t do anything about it because I have in the past and the police were involved. They always find the littlest things to fight about and it never ends. I don’t have a job, but will be getting one tomorrow, Sunday. I have 3,000$ saved up in a bank account. No cash whatsoever. I don’t have a car, insurance or anything. Im a junior at my highschool, my grades are average, they range from A’s to C’s to very rarely D’s. I have a girlfriend, who I feel that i’m in love with. It’s not one of those relationships where people feel obligated to say that they are truly in love with someone, I really mean it and plan to stay with her for as long as I possibly can. Regardless of that, I want to try and accomplish some things, But I don’t know if they are possible.

I want to get out of my house as soon as I possibly can. I want to purchase a car, or possibly a street bike (cheaper, better mpg, but dangerous). I want to get my highschool diploma and be on my own. I don’t want to be with my family any longer. I just want to be in my own “world” where I can be self-manageable, be responsible for the things that I feel need responsibility (school, work, life stuff, etc.), not the things that my parents feel need responsibility, Not screaming and yelling over little things. I just want to be able to take care of myself for good and never have to associate with them or acknowledge anymore for the rest of my life. (and i mean that)

What should I do and how can I do it?

Please don’t respond with any sarcrastic comments or jump topics, I really just need other peoples views on what I should do right now. Thankyou again if you took your time to read this.