New nVidia Drivers

heres the latest greates drivers from nVidia
tell me what you think i need to know if i should get them or not

why don’t you get them from ??

Iam running the Detonator 41.09 downloaded from for winXp Pro and they are running great on a geforce 2 Mx 400 , iam playing games with no worries, though i guess a P4 2.4ghz is helping :smirk:

I rather get drivers from there source, if nvidia havent uploaded them to there site yet, then maybe they arent ready to be used,

only my opinion, try your luck if you want, if you do tell me how it goes,

All the best

I agree I am running 2 geforce 4 cards with XP and I would not trust downloading video drivers from anywhere but nvidia. They usually give a little spill about the fixes and updates. which card are you runnin. and OS

I’m using the 42.01 drivers for my old GF3, and I’ve had no problems with it. I am getting a slight increase in FPS, and the image quality is similar to that of 41.09 (I think). The way I see it, download the latest drivers, benchmark it using 3DMark2001, and play a few games to see how it works.

I also format my computer frequently, so I usually take a bigger chance with newer drivers =)

Kirupa :hair:

*Originally posted by kirupa *
**I’m using the 42.01 drivers for my old GF3… **

OLD GF 3… i’m still running TNT2…lol and you call gf3 old… :stuck_out_tongue:

i have the geforce 2mx pro and its pretty new to me

i was gonna wait till they cam from nVidia also
just wanted to se if anyone had seen any diffs if they dow nloaded them

I was considering getting a new graphics card a while back, but I realized it would probably be a waste. The only games I play are WarCraft III and Tactical-Ops, and they both run very nicely on my system. My CPU is fast enough (P4 2.2) to handle a lot of stuff on the screen that is not graphics intensive, so I’m happy with that.

Now, if a Radeon 9700 were to somehow find its way on my doorstep (hope my parents read this), I wouldn’t mind using it =)

Kirupa :geek:

yes the radeon totally owns all current cards
but i would say if you can wait for the radeon, you can also wait for the newest nvidia card that is coming out
what i have noticed is that ati and nvidia always go back and forth in quality
before i get my radeon 9700 ima wait to see what is said about the new nvidia one

yeah, the new GeForce FX sounds really nice =)