New Project

Hey all, I recently started this project for a rental company… I’ve only begun the layout/design process and I am looking for some suggestions.

It seems like something is missing in the header… esp near the logo… I am trying to keep it simple (it is supposed to simple, but pleasing to the eye), but still feel it needs a little more jazz. Also dont mind the stuff in the content frame - just there for testing (I’ll be adding images and effects to the HTML pages there)

Well let me know what you think… HERE

Oh, it hasnt yet been optimized for 800x600 so I suggest you up your resolution real quick before viewing (it will work for the other, just not look that great)


I just added some stuff I was messing with… anyway, ideas? comments, anything?? I am not used to doing this type of site, so input would be awesome!


very nice site design. The mousover effects seem to go well with the ‘Bounce House’ theme of the company. I can see it resembles your own site a lot, but regardless, both are great pieces of work… Keep Flashing… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input… yeah it does resemble my site in the layout… I really like that style of framing for sites… at least company sites… mine will actually be much different becauseit is a design site (small little popup probably - when I get time to remake it!)…

Anyway, any suggestions about the header? I mean the top left portion, or the picture on the right? it just seems like something is missing to me, I dunno.


Id add another texture, or pattern, but obviously not more scan lines.

Maybe a yellow gradient, or something to spruce up that large orange backdrop in the upper left hand corner. Good site designs employ aesthetically pleasing color schemes, as your does, so use colors that are found on your page.

I like to do a Print Screen, (screen capture), and then use the Eyedropper tool in Photoshop to get the colors to match when updating graphics.

Thanks for the input/ideas!

The music kicks ass. I love Jammin. The site is pretty good. Really nice and simple. not confusing for normal users. I might change the BG color on the HTMl page. Mabye to a blue or something. How dod you do the buttons AS or tweens?

Thanks for the added input!
The buttons are done totally with AS… using classes and prototypes.

Do u have a tut on it. On my site I have the same effct on my musc contorl buttons but I had to motion tween it. Sucked ass. Check it out if you want. Just click my “website” button

Yeah doing with AS is WAY better… then you can change things on the fly, like friction, acceleration, target scale size, etc.

Actually you can checkout the Best of Kirupa and there is a thread there from when I was writting the script and getting help doing it. Go HERE!


Thanks man I’ll check it out:)

if u like it , put some blue stars at the top left portion,small…and

the site looks warm