New site in the making

Sorry guys, I deleted the other thread on accident…cuz I’m stupid.

I thought i would post the work that i have done on the new site that I am working on. They haven’t set up a domain name yet, because they arne’t sure of the name of the band. They have changed it 3 times, and i advised them to not buy a domain until they are sure of their name.

check this out:

so far its just the navigation that will be in the upper frame. None of the buttons work, but just wanted to see what you thought about the colors and stuff…

I just wanted to show you who frequent the random section to view the progress…

Pom/Montoya/Phil: Thanks for the input. I made the text bigger and white so it is much easier to read, but I will probly end up getting rid of that font all together…Not totally sure yet, but its coming along. Any ideas, critiques, or anything else welcome.

Jubs :cowboy:

i dont like the news part at all, seems like its to close to the bottom.

Huh? Could you explain a little more? I’m not really sure what you mean…

where it is just a text box.

oh I see…I’ll see what i can do, but thats as far down as that is going to be, it won’t be any lower. This site here is mainly for 1024x768 resolution, I am going to redo it for lower resolution…don’t know if you are running1024 but anything less would seem really cramped…

how do i kno what res i am running?

Start Menu - Settings - Control Panel - Display - Settings - Screen Area

man i changed my res to 1024x786 and i am getting dizzy, everything is so small! i should get used to it though.:o :*( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

lol…does the site look better to you at that resolution? most designers, and really anyone who uses a computer for more than just papers and IMing generally tends to use 1024 as the minimum resolution…


with all respect, you are a bit overzealous in your statement about resolution… =)

the latest stats I have seen says that over half of the users who visit websites are using 800x600 as their resolution…

I agree that most designers and programmers use at least 1024x768, but the typical user still uses the lower res.

Of course, since this thread is about your site, you can design it for whomever you choose. :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually I do not really believe that my statement is overzealous. I know that the majority of Internet/computer users still use 800600 (because of statistics) because the majority of computer users still are in awe by the power of the computer, and many do not know how to use it. When it comes to knowing how to use a computer for more than just Internet, e-mail and IM, we (us that know more than the average Joe) are the minority. I did not say, 'the majority of the population uses 1024760 resolution.’ Not to sound like a **** but don’t read into what I say too much, because you were putting words in my mouth.

I agree that most designers and programmers use at least 1024x768

thats exactly what I said, and I meant nothing more.

and the typical user only uses their computer for internet papers and IMing. If you take a poll of everyone on my campus, and you ask them what they use their computers for… you’ll get 80% of the people here saying “only for papers, Iming and e-mail” and if you ask these same people what their screen resolution is you will most likely get ‘huh?!’ as your response. The other 20% are Computer Science majors…

Oh, and since I use a 1024 resolution then I generally tend to design for a 1024 resolution initially and then I change the coding to make it form to other resolutions. Once I am finished I will change my computer setting to 800*600 and I will make another site in that resolution.

yes the site looks much better! although i dont like the white on the flash animation. i stands out to much.

Once I get around to make my site (Again)… I’ll design it for no lower res than 1024x768…

Mostly because most of my friends use at least 1280x1024, as do I.

800x600 is just not enough room to play in…

But since it’s a personal site, I’M in charge anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


I wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth, but I was speaking of people not necessarily on college campuses… I think you may have that demographic nailed, but it isn’t representative of the rest of society (in America at least).

I visit a lot of business, and people’s homes in my work, and they do a lot more than just papers and IMing… they visit websites, like yours and mine, they surf Amazon, they visit sports sites, entertainment sites, e-bay, etc.

As a matter of fact, most of my contacts don’t even use any kind of IM, or chat for that matter, and rarely use their computer for “papers.”

I did not mean to diminish anything you said, just that there is a large world out there, and you made a pretty general statement about how people use their computers, skewed from a limited slice of society.

The default resolution from Windows and Mac OS is still 800x600. Many people never change their default settings… they are just afraid to… And laptops are still using 800x600…

One more time, it is your site, make it whatever size you want…I did not intend to offend in any way. You know who will visit your site better than anyone.


Rev: I was not offended by your statement at all, although my post may have seemed a little heated, it is just because I am sick and edgy. I did not mean to snap back. I apologize…

originally posted by Reverandflash
I visit a lot of business, and people’s homes in my work, and they do a lot more than just papers and IMing… they visit websites, like yours and mine, they surf Amazon, they visit sports sites, entertainment sites, e-bay, etc.

These are what I call typical users. They use their computers for papers, IMing, and visiting websites. I did not mean that all typical users do all of these things. They use the default resoultion because they don’t know any better. Anyone who really knows anything about computers and the abilities of computers generally tends to use a higher resolution.

My experience is not limited to college campus. I just used that example because it was most evident here. Yes there is much of the world that I have not seen, but the things that I have been through and the things that I have seen are things that I would not wish on anyone. I know the statistics and I accidently made a broad general statement.

No harm done, just being me…

I’m a little sensitive when using terms like “anyone” to relatively inexperienced people… :evil: a character flaw on my part.

just as an afterthought tho, some people who do know a lot about computers still use 800x600 due to their eyesight, or monitor size… :slight_smile:

Eilsoe: you are right, my portfolio section is 1024x768, due to the fact that most people who visit that portion will be viewing at that resolution (I hope)… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

“It’s my site, and I’ll cry if I want to”

::does a really bad imitation of the hustle::


any way, how do you guys determine what res it is optimized for?:q:


My way:

If I am designing for 800x600:

with toolbars open, the max available is about 750x420… so I generally try to keep it in 700x400…

A lot of it is just testing it out in that particular res… trial and error…


cool. thanks for the info.