New site submission\r\r[email protected]

I know you weren’t looking for a critique, however there is a couple things that were bugging me…Its too big. I have my resolution at 1024*768 and the whole site did not fit in my browser window I had to scroll down to see the buttons. I suggest embeding it a little bit smaller, or make it a chromeless window because it was just the tool bars that made it too big, if they weren’t there then it wouldn’t have been a problem…\r\rIt scrolls to slowly in the Team Window. You only have 3 people and I have to hold the mouse for about 14 seconds, I have a short attention span and I want that 14 seconds of my life back now! \r\rBut I like it, the effects are great. Nice actionscripting too.

thanks for the feedback… my screen is also at 1024x768 and it works ok? the browser must be set up different.\r\rthere’s a script that’s supposed to change the alpha of the bg so it’ll run faster when it scrolls… that mustn’t be working.\r\rthanks… i’ll try and fix this.

I have big buttons and all of the panels out. Thats probably where the difference is.