New Subbmission for SOTW

I would like to submit my site for the SOTW award, btw i’m a 14 year old wannabe flasher…=)

nice clean cut look. congrats. the only thing i would coment on is the loading time. rather excessive. otherwise, very nice indeed

I like it, but the gallery, OMG takes forever to load. Also, what game is that, can’t think of any de games.

Thanks for the responses guys…i have now edited BOTH the main site and the gallery and the gallery is now 105kb smaller than it woz before!!! And the site is around 20 kb smaller…and the image quality in the images seems the same…=)\r\rNaliWarCowz, The games is counterstrike. =)\r\rHope the site loads alot quicker now. =)

oh yeh…btw…my email is [email protected]