New version of site, YEE HAWW! Please check it and comment

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also is there anything I should add to make it more user-friendly or interactive, etc.?

How about adding a preloader so your visitors don’t just sit and stare at a white rectangle.

Either you don’t have a preloader or something is wrong with your site because all I saw was a white rectangle.

Actually I did add a preloader and when I go the url on my site I do see it so what could I have done wrong?

Hmm, I know it’s not my comp because I’m able to view other flash contents on other sites. I also know it’s not my connection either because I’m on a very fast broadband connection.

This is what I see after a minute of waiting…

Can you try it now and see what you get?

Ok it works now…

Interesting design, a lot of typography used. I’m not exactly sure what the site is about because it was hard to read the content.

From what I see, it looks like a links page linking to other sites so it was a bit confusing at first.

I would suggest making the text a bit easier to read.

I’m assuming you dragged the scroll bars sideways to read the entire text and see the 3-D effect, correct? Also the font doesn’t seem too hard to read in my opinion, but that’s just me. Is it the semi-transparency of the background behind the text that makes it hard for you to read? It’s at around 75% transparent. Also the mouseover text for the portfolio links describe the work done on that particular site.
Anyways, yes, it’s a site to promote 5th Ave Design as a web development company…

I didn’t even notice the scroll bars either, only after you pointed it out is when I noticed it.

As for the text, compare it to the text for example in this post, which is easier to read?

Think of me as your average viewer, I for one would not read text that is hard to read. I didn’t notice the scrolling because I didn’t remain on the site long enough to notice it. I left because it was hard to read the content.

You can read it because you’ve been looking at it over and over, but to someone new, they’re not going to sit there and try to figure it out.

I’m not trying to bash on your site or anything, just giving you some honest feedback.

Funny style
Funny naviguation…

Not so usefull but good one ! :slight_smile:

Donnu how to use the contact area…

btw, it’s not a good idea to make your splash page, telling people that they need flash, out of flash… because the people without flash won’t be able to see it… if you see what I mean :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by asphaltcowboy *
**btw, it’s not a good idea to make your splash page, telling people that they need flash, out of flash… because the people without flash won’t be able to see it… if you see what I mean :slight_smile: **

:pope: good point son

LOL, yes quite a bright idea asphalt - got a chuckle out of that myself…
BTW to use the contact area just mouse over it, the mask will follow your mouse. What do you all think of the portfolio section?
Also is there anything that I could/should add to the site to make it more useful Kyochew or anyone else (ex. Comments section, links, etc?)?

Well this is certainly different…it’s nice to see new ideas. I get so tired of looking at the same dull colors and layouts. I think this is a very interesting design, but as electrongeek said, the text is hard to read.

You obviously have a lot of skill at what you do, but you may want to rethink the whole layout of the site. You are trying to promote your company, but it’s kind of hard to figure out what the heck this site is about (for the average viewer at least)!

Plus I find it really annoying to have to scroll sideways (on bars that don’t scroll all that well) just to read about the site. Overall it’s an interesting/creative design that isn’t very functional.


Hmm, well those are good suggestions.
Wondering how to make it more obvious what the site is about, though. What could I say/do to accomplish that?
Re: scrolling sideways - this was done to enable the 3-D effect - you mean I should scrap that whole idea? The bars scroll fine in Flash, but its when 4 of them are going at the same time online is when the become a little jerky - not sure how to solve that.
Lastly, I still would appreciate any suggestions on how to make the site more functional as I am lacking ideas at the moment… has anyone had success with a particular functionality that could help me?
Thanks for the help so far!

*Originally posted by MrMass *
:pope: good point son

Originally posted by chrisk71
LOL, yes quite a bright idea asphalt - got a chuckle out of that myself…
lol! no problem :thumb:

with regards to your current problem chrisk71, why not try fitting all the text into the boxes as they are (and get rid of the scrollers) and perhaps have the background moving independently behind the text box? ooo! even better, you could make the background a rollover, so when your mouse is over the relevant text box, the background moves slowly, and stops when you rollout? that would keep it interesting, but make it much more user-friendly?

just an idea :wink:

Asphalt Cowboy,

Well I’ll keep those ideas in mind, definitely. I like the idea of the bkgrd moving on rollover and stopping on rollout. In the meantime, I’ve tried to accomodate earlier posts in some new changes. I’ve made the text arial which I hope is easy to read, and I’ve made it a little easier to tell that there’s horizontal scroll bars.
Any more comments?