I’m started to learn Macromedia flash MX, (practically knowing nothing…but trying)any tips on making something really kool… I want to make an itro 4 a site! like some text effect, or pic effect?Maybe? <img src= ALT=":">

P.S. MX is so hard to learn to use!

Did you try the basic animation tutorial on this site ?
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What attempts have you made trying to learn it so far? How much of the tools and functions did you explore? Temporarily forget about actionscript and other advanced features - I know you might be attracted to trying to dive into the hardcore stuff right now, but first learn the basics. Start by playing around with the shape tools - draw some shapes on the stage. Next you may try a motion or shape tween and as you get more familiar with this, you might tiptoe into actionscript and the advanced stuff. Also, have a gander at the basic Flash MX tutorials on this site: and maybe the basic Flash 5 tutorials might help too: [url=“”]…/basic.asp

Good luck!