No code platform

I’m a professional react/full stack developer for over ten years.

I feel guilty for jumping on to no code platform to avoid creating web applications from scratch.

Is this bad ? I feel guilty about it. I don’t like boilerplate code and want to focus on building business solutions faster.

Why do you feel guilty about it? Will your end users care how you built your app?

With AI having more increased capabilities every few days, it’s only a matter of time before we all stop writing code in the traditional sense and get really good at writing prompts to an AI assistant.

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At first it felt like I’m too lazy to start coding web applications like a software craftsman. But the speed on no code platform is huge and satisfying.

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I’ve been thinking about AI and no code for a while now and came to a realization after watching @kirupa 's interview with Pascall Pixel that AI/ no code is just another abstraction.

We’ve been doing that since Binary was abstracted to Assembly and then to C.

My father in law wrote an air traffic control program in Assembly… it took 7 years to develop :grinning:


How to decide when to use a no code platform? I hate configuring a lot on cloud systems and dealing with devops. I’m trying to just create business value from software faster. This is my first try on no code platform like

It looks good for building things but the pricing model is crazy…

Bubble has 50k operations per month as part of the free plan.

Cloudflare Pages are cached and are hosted free.

Cloudflare workers does 100k 50ms compute operations per day free and paid $5 month tier does 1million computes for 15 cents…

Can you actually build nearly anything with this? I have to give it a try!

Yeah you can do most things

  • Pages are free you can run them straight off Github/ Gitlab with either an SSG or just as static pages
  • Workers are proxies for whatever… can return HTML strings, redirect, authenticate ect
  • Durable Objects can be used with Web Sockets/ SSE’s for App like things
  • KV is a simple key value store
  • R2 is the same as Amazon S2
  • D1 (SQL database) is newish public Beta for now. It has this feature where you can wind back changes anytime in the last 30 days

I went to a meet up last week where they demo’d Terraform using the Cloudflare API.

  • Cloudflare mostly has kick ass enterprise security products so they’re not as well known for hosting ect
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Using no code platform are as good as using AI to generate code and ask questions. I think we are heading more towards this!

Prime’s got an interesting take on AI :grin:

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