No Flash 4 a week!

Folks, it’s great, after almost a year i’ll be at the sea for a week, but i’ll miss my swfs,…and you too! :slight_smile:

Sorry if i forgot to answer s’thing, if one of my answers was too short to help, if i sound…how did you put that, Upuaut?..short-tempered/exasperated…?can’t remember…sometimes with stuff like post headers without a subject, imprecise questions and the like, it’s just that my kids take up most of my time (yes, i have two kids!) and flash the rest, so not much as i’d like to is left for the forum…

I’ll be back (baby) next weekend, happy posting, I’ll try to catch up…c ya!

C you too. I just spent a week away, you’ll see, you’ll come back twice as good as you were before…
pom 0]

Merci abijim!

check this out:…/main.html

and i just read Macromedia is s’posed to announce the release of FLASH 6 this month!!?

Can’t wait 2 b back!