Not Again! Lakers Coach May Quit!

Yuuuuuk!! Im an NBA Fan have been for about 10 years, always have followed the Lakers ever since I brought ‘Kobe Bryants Courtside’ for my N64, so obviously I go for the Lakers, Its been up & down for us this season with everything that happend in last years off season period. Anyway to make me further angry and upset I just read from news that our current coach ‘Rudy Tomjanovich’ will step down after we play the Blazers in about 2 hours.

I actually never did like Rudy coaching us, he just didnt seem like the guy for the job, anyway its just another thing to add to the strugles of our team this season. Why cant the Lakers team be this: Kobe Bryant/coach/CEO/manager/assistant coach/starting 5/bench/trainers etc!!! That would fix everything :D:D -

Hopefully we can smash the Blazers because there **** anyway, get rid of the coach, and try and start fresh when we get Kobe back and a new coach!!