(OMI) Onemode Interactive

Just finished my design portfolio site. :slight_smile: Critiques please


Very nice! :thumb:

The only thing I didn’t like was that I had to scroll a little to find nothing useful.

Very calming. I love the way everything fades in slowly when the page loads.

You might want to increase the contrast of the text to the background; it’s a little hard to read at times.

wow amazing site little more content and it would be one of my favs !
one little thing that i like alot is when there is a text box at the bottom it slowly fades away like a gradient looks very cool o yeh and ur little flying head thing is also very cool

I liked it the first time I saw it here:

Looks like you might have something good, but the similarities in your site and their is just to much, I’d say it was heavy “inspired” by that site.

Ditto, it reminded me of SI a lot, maybe it’s FF, but some things get choppy, and clarify the intro page, a “Intel Pentium” requirement is too broad.

Very nice:) I love the scrollbars!

Did you make this or did FlashLevel? If you did it has a very big FLASHLEVEL look.

Yea I agree - I see some sixtailer and flashlevel in there. Like the enter button and the halftone patterns.

But overall nice design.

very smooth and nice colors and images, but the text seems to not scroll very well when you move the scrollbar even the slightest bit, it takes to many cpu resources…

you can see I don’t know what I’m talking about :beer: but very nice

i can see your got your inspiration from,

good practice though :wink:

Excelllent site ! but i have big problem to scroll down

I like your site very much, although yes it has some similarities between fl and si but I am not going to detail about that. I really liekd the layout and design but I didnt favor the light black color for the Mode News. I didnt have no problem with the text scrollbar so everything seem to be in order there. One thing I really have to point out, since many websites out, have something broad about their splash pages like yours. Just what Maxtro said, why would you put Intel P Processor? You couldnt even run a computer without a processor in the first place let alone view your site. I guess the Ram information is a bit more important but they are really unrelevant. You should replace it with 1024x768 resolution and I.E 5.5 or something alone those lines.

Overall I think its very well done as well as the splash.

Wow i didn’t check this thread for a while. Well here goes the answers for some questions.

DJ-Studios: Did you make this or Flashlevel?
No sorry, I made this website… many people think he did because our styles resemble in some ways (btw hes a real good friend of mines) and maybe the style is a bit the same because i have learned some cool stuff from him… but im still in learning process. I think in the end i will finally fully developed my style :slight_smile:

Scrollbar Issues and Slow site issues:
Well as far as i know IE doesn’t have any of these issues. Firefox browser seems to slow down the site and the scrollbar is hard to move. I may have to play around with somethings in my site to make everything run smooth on Firefox.

The Future?
Well as far as i know… Many people say I dont have much content which i agree. It was ment to keep at small content since it is my first website. We will see what happens with OMI V2 probably coming around next year. With a new style, a lot more portfolio entries, and we will see what more plans… Im still thinking it out hehe :slight_smile:

Well I want to thank everyone for all the comments and critiques. If any major updates are made I will be back here and post it up :slight_smile: