One armed drunk drivers

Carnage supreme!

I feel sorry for the dog

wow and how did this guy get his drivers liscense?
poor dog :frowning:

bloody amazing what a one-armed man in a car can do… :frowning:

hahaha that sucks!

The verdict?

One fire hydrant, one flower shop, one dog, and nineteen cars, not
including his own (I omitted pictures of four cars with minor damage).

Jezus Christ…How’s he gonna pay for all that?
Geez…That sucks for all those people… And you must’ve felt pretty darn lucky that guy had taken your parking spot :stuck_out_tongue:

hahah, thats wild…reminds me of this tank i saw on some cop show running over cars…

Yeah, but that was a while ago. Recently, they had this guy who had built his own tank, with fortified steel and all, who went on a rampage troughout his town…

oh god what a carnage

Wow, that is one of the craziest things that I have ever seen!

poor dog

Ditto :frowning: