Optimizing flash videos

Ok so I have been working on the space shooter game for a while now and, I’m close to completion, when I test the .swf file locally, it runs fine, when I upload it to a live server and test, it doesn’t run as smooth and is choppy. Of course this is no surprise. My question: is there a way to optimize my movie for the web without loosing quality so that it runs identical to the local version? Currently the only option is see is ‘quality’ in the publish settings. Are there any tips or tricks that I might be unaware of?

when working with games that are action based i find it best to use bitmaps, even though they will bloat up your file size once they are loaded it takes less virtual memory to move them.
when you move a vector the image must recalculate all of its points, but when you move a bit map it just needs to check it registration point, the image information is already loaded and does not change.

so in short

vector = smooth flat graphics, low file size, but processor heavy

bitmap = picture quality, larger file size, but less memory to process

hope that helps

oh and an 8 bit png is the smallest type of bitmap file flash can use (i think) :hr:

oh thanks, I always make sure to have all my objects cached as bitmaps, however, all images are 24-big .pngs, I guess it couldn’t hurt to change some of them to 8 bit, I seriously doubt I will use 16 million different colors, thanks