Photoshop Question

Hey folks how are yah?
Anywho, I’ve been trying to figure something out for a while now and I’m startin to get a little frustrated with it. I have this file (ie: image on left <-) and on that file, it has stuff I dont want. What I want to do, is delete the images ON the file but not lose any of the shading that it has (ie: image on right ->).

As you can see, the images are gone in pic 2 (the one that looks like a wolf) and in pic 2, the shading is still there, the same as pic 1.

Look at the attached files too see what I mean :slight_smile: I’m gettin frustrated here so all help is highly appreciated. Thanks.

PS: Please excuse the cleavage shot there :stuck_out_tongue: I couldnt find any other picture to use as an example

you may be able to use the healing brush or the clone tool. What I would do is just delete the stuff the re-do the shadows using the pen tool.

Well, Ill try the healing brush and clone tool, thanks. :slight_smile: But, the shadows you see there and the spec-textured dot things are something Id like to keep :-\ So I dont want to do that much to it, just get it without those ugly pictures in the middle :stuck_out_tongue:

If you guys have any more ideas, send em this way.

beond me…and where have you been?

ill play with it to see if I can do something…do you have the .psd or is it in the format shown here only?

mdipi: Ive been around :slight_smile: Been busy lately with work so Ive had no time on my hands, but Im makin a comeback :stuck_out_tongue:

3d-iva: In order to view the template of the skin youll need to download this file:

Also, the file is too big to upload here, so whats your email addy and Ill send it to you that way.

Hi, I think that you need to make some masks in photoshop. I really do not understand what you trying to achive. Are you trying to have all the art from pic.1 on pict2. except the 'bust of the woman? Another words, would you like to have the "boobs"of pic.2 on pic.1 as the final art? Guide me more

Argh, I should have posted this earlier… I’m all set guys… I searched around on the net for another 2 hours and finally found the same skin templates, only without the images… 3d-Iva, you were right about the Clone and Bandage tools…

Thanks for the help guys