What’s the best way to work with pictures?

it really depends what you mean by “work with” bmp files are the best quality as they are just a straight grid with colors assigned to each coordinate.

jpgs are smaller and for the most part the data loss, due to the compression, is indiscernable by most users

there is an ongoing debate between which is better .gif or .png and the both have advantages and disadvantages in my opnion. png does however have one advantage in regards to flash over gif … png will support partial transparency and doesnt add a border to the image when you put it into flash like gifs do.

it really depends on what you want to do though

hope this helps

what do you mean .png?
Is bitmap a larger size file than jpeg?

yes a bmp is a larger file size than a jpg b/c a jpg is a compressed bmp

a png is another format like bmp, jpg or gif … photoshop and most image editing programs can make them for you :slight_smile:

If you’re importing to Flash MX, then I seem only to be able to import .gif files. I’m sure you could import most things into Flash 5. Could just be me though, but I can’t get .jpgs.

Once you import though, Flash will treat the image as a bitmap file, so if you start expanding it then you will lose some of the quality. There is a way to get around this though, and that’s by using the Trace Bitmap tool in the menu. What this does is convert your imported picture into fills, which in turn are vector based and can be nicely adjusted and played with. However, it may well not preserve the quality of the image, making it a lot more blocky and ‘Andy Warhol’ style. If you try it you’ll see what I mean. You can play around with the trace settings though, to try and get a better effect.

if you use the trace bitmap function be careful of the quality you choose. when you start getting hundreds or even thousands of shapes on you stage at one time (i.e. the picture that has its colors converted to vector equasions) it will really slow down even new computers … not to mention the havok it will reak on older ones. not that you can’t use it … its a great function just be careful

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Is there a way I can get a file with all those so I can put it on my computer?

i also wonder which format gives maximum quality but delivers the minimum size in flash mx? png, gif, or jpg?

really depends on what you’re doing and how you optimize the graphic

use jpg for images that don’t have transparency and use png for images that do have transparency.

always use photoshop or a program like it to optimize the graphic that way you get the best quality for the smallest file size.

.gif and .jpg are the best type of files to save as.

.jpg is the best if your image has many colors. This can optimize and keep colors in tact.

.gif is the best for images that don’t use billions of colors. Great for logos, basic buttons, etc etc, I usually save as .gif, this produces the best file size overall. Although sometimes .jpg does, but that all depends on the amount of colors in an image.

hey lost … howd you make the text upside down underneath your flash fotter … did you just do that in flash?

Nopers, I used the FlipV filter in CSS (cascading style sheets)

<B>EDIT:</B> Ahah, here is that link…

If used wrong filters can be one of the most tacky things ever, but if used correctly you can get a very nice effect.