Pixel art

Hey idd, its nice to see more people are becoming lost in beta. I was feeling lonely being lost there all by myself…haha:)

I need to find me one of those programs…haha. Although I am sure they are expensive and only available for Magazine companies or something (considering I have only ever seen them in magazines).

actually my friend, you can find many a different applications for this piece of new fangled technology. i took the liberty of finding some for you and our other kirupa forum goers. ah, the joys of cnet.

Very nice, thanks idd.


There was a tutorial in computer arts a while back about how to do pixel art in Photoshop. Here’s the link. Not too detailed, but clears up some questions…hope it helps.

Hey Lost In Beta
That Eboy site. I’ve seen his work published in Maxim magazine many times before. I always wondered how they got the pictures to look like a old video game. Thats realy amazing he does it all pixel by pixel. Some times I miss the pixel sprites from my favorate old video games.

OH wow, I didn’t know his work was in Maxim. I am thinking about trying my hand at pixel art. But I highly doubt I have the patience for it. Who knows… I guess we will find out if I ever do or not.

Yah he’s in there like close to every second issue. He does the Ecity pictures for some of there articles.