Pixel art?

how do you do it? just zoom in and draw? i dont get it, i really wanna get it, but i just dont.

what programs do you use? mspaint? paint shop pro? photoshop? flash?

you can use what you want. I would use ps…

know of a tutorial i could check out?

firstly, look in the huge tutorials list, not sure if there are any but there might be. Also, just do a search through google (or whatever does it for you:love: ) for pixel art tutorials and you should find something, they DO exist!

most people use their main image program (FW, PS) because of the layers ability, and the greater general control. Basically, just zoom in and start goin… maybe try rough out your outlines first.

also, you will need to consider the perspective you use. Most people use a 30/30 one, which means that as a basic ‘block’ outline (i.e a base from which to build up) you go across 2 pixels for every one you go up… hope you understand :stuck_out_tongue:

It takes a long time to do! Good luck

I just zoom in 1200% or so and the with the pencil tool I draw it pixel by pixel!

:esmirk: <— this looks like a melon or sth! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

nope. just experiment. and use this type of spacing


get it?

You confuse people mdipi :beam:

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yes? but if i am the confuser then you are the confusee no? and if you are the confusee and i am the confuser does that make one more confused than the other?

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im not sure what you meant with the __ and other __ for spacing, guess im a confusee also

The standard angle is like this Hojo (see attached file)

You don’t have to do that angle, but its the standard and best for beginners. In my pixel castle I did some different angles but I wouldn’t recommend that for beginners :slight_smile:

I hope the attached file helps…

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yep thats what i ment. soul can i see that castle?

that castle was really really nice soul, i’d like to be able to do some icons for my site using pixel art but i cant really get a nicely formed picture as a result

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah mdipi…

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how?! zooming in that close doesnt make something like that when i do it. how about a tutorial? eh? eh?

There are tutorials all over the place… just do a google search for pixel art tutorials…

but Pixel art cant really be done with tuts…

it sort of can
you can get the basic idea of how to make simple shapes from simple angles and shading, then build upon it

Yeah I never learned from a tutorial, just taught myself :slight_smile:

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