Please help! [Windows 2003 server Problems]

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Can’t log in from workstation machine into the server Domain…
**[COLOR=Black]Further more information:
I have created a domain on my Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition machine (chris.local) and when I enter this into the Workstation it asks for a username and password (the server admin) and then a pop up message says “Welcome to the chris.local domain” or something like that. All [COLOR=YellowGreen]good[/COLOR] so far. But when I restart the Workstation as it recomends to do I get to the login part so i click “Options…” and select the domain I want to connect to… I enter my user name and password and then it goes [COLOR=Red]wrong [COLOR=Black]a pop up message comes onto the screen telling me that the username and password is incorrect which isn’t true at all! I’ve checked on the server that the username and password and they are correct! What an earth so I shutdown the server for 10 seconds and restart my workstation and still the problem consists!

What the hell is going on! They both can connect to each other because I selected the domain in the admin and it ask for a username and pass… And i can connect to the Administrator of the server from my workstation so i have not clue of whats going ON!

Can anyone help me with this major and annoying problem? Thanks!