Plz, check my new site

very nice i like the background when you get to choose english or spanish (i think).

except when you click on english, i think you should have like an introductory page open or something so its not just blank. I was sorta waiting for something to pop up.

i also think the navigation things a bit confusing cause you can’t just take a quick glance and choose what you want, you havta rollover it and i’m impatient and everything…but its good other than that!

well i gotta a agree with blah-de-blah on that 1 nice site and the language bit is cool but yeah i clicked on english and was like “errmm ok id like sum content” then i figured there wasnt anything so went for the bod around i like the buttons but im quite patient unlike blah other than the blank screen very cool i like it


I am gonna write these as I come across em.

  1. Mystery buttons…It took me about 30 secs to figure out where to click I was trying to click the spinning thing in the left hand corner

Okay call me a idiot but I clicked english then got the next screen with the flashing menu text. I thought something was preloading so I waited a few seconds. Also you should have some indicator what the buttons are before you mouseover them, it then becomes a game of memory. IMO you should jazz up the menu bar bar blue looks to plain.

Other than that it is pretty clean. I am being particular because this seems to be a vehicle you are going to use to make $$$, and you do not have a html version for people who dont wanna look at flash so you have to be careful not to drive off anyone. I am cmputer saavy and honestly I would have left 10 secs into my venture.