Politics in Iran

hey guys I know this may be a dumb thread but I wanted to know your openions on how the people are being treated. in my openion they are being treated like dirt, 99.9% of the country is hungry and has no health care, just the other day I was reading the news in this site and it said that some guy had killed his own child, at first I got mad but than when I really thougt about it I realized that he had put his child out of misury, becuase he didn’t have any money for food to give to child. I saw this rading on a site that said if the iranian leaders all empty their bank acounts and equally share the money with the whole country no one would ever have to work again, if you ask me that alot of money. This arises a question what kind of leader are you who hids behind relegion which you probely don’t beleive in and try to force people to give their money. I’ll be pleased to hear about your segestions as well.