flash state on
html version soon coming

Nice collection of imagery and sound usage.

I did initally get lost in the navigation.

I like it

I like your site, but 562k is a bit large for modem users, isn’t it?

Nice… one thing… in your digital section, the CONTACT button near the top at the right needs a defined HIT area… right now the text defines it so it can be hard to press. Other than that pretty good!!!


Nice site and a nice idea but the file size is to lage for SOTW.:slight_smile:

You are all right about the file size. It is as well the reason why i am preparing an html version.

The gift is that the html version will contain most all of my works ( one hundred of oil paintings ) thousand of drawings, my real photographic works ( and not only my buddies faces…:slight_smile: )
and my real project of making a Movie with open to all production.