Pro Choice? Or Pro Life?

I just want to know what everyone opinion on this is?

Personnaly, I thought over the topic many times and still remain undecided.

Sure we can right away say that all life, no matter what stage is sacred, and it is. Just because someone is not yet aware of the surrounding dosent mean we can kill it, and take away all chances of life, no matter how bad. If I was a fetus and had a choice between bad parents/orphanage or death, I would live at any cost. Might as well take my chances.


It is part of a woman’s body and her life. I do think its her choice, not anyone elses. And alot of times those pregnancies are accidents. And how far are we going to go to prevent any chance of life to sprout. Are we going forbid teenage kids to wank? It is also a personal choice.

I remain undecided…
what are your views?