PS2 vs Xbox. I know you will make the right choice

I know why big K (sounds like a gum huh?) picked it. And he has a point, but the Xbox library has more than enough games to keep oneself occupied, btw, i just pissed on my friends PS2 ,i caught on fire!

Quantity doesn’t match for quality. And PS2 has Xbox beat in both.

The reason u caught fire is becasue it sensed your evil Xbox ways. it knew what it was doing

I wouldnt pick either. I have a gamecube and wouldnt trade it for anythig in the world.

Let me get into the reasons…

  1. First Party Games - you cannot beat Zelda, Metroid, Mario,Star Fox, they are classics no matter how you look at them.

  2. The console itself. You can choose from 3 colours, and one of them is PLATINUM! ■■■■ - ease choice right there :slight_smile: Not to mention that the thing doesnt way more than you do caugh XBOX cough

  3. The controler is amazing. It’s not the absolute best for all games (most games are designed with the PS2 controler in mind) but its so comfortable and “melts” in your hand.

  4. All the great 3 party games are there, not to mention some great exclusives from people such as Capcom and the Resident Evil Series as well as games like Eternal Darkness and an UNcencored version of BMX XXX (laughing at PS2 for that one!)

I could go on and on (I am kind of a fan boy when it comes to Nintendo) but just remember that the system isnt “kiddy” anymore and they are gearing towards older gamers more and more - WITHOUT loosing quality in game play, not something alot of companys can boast.

If i had to buy anything else it would be a game cube for the classic games. It in no ways is better then a PS2 though.

I’ve had a PS2 in my house for the last 4 days…

My thumbs hurt! :stuck_out_tongue:

My only gripe with the machine (it is not mine, but a buddy’s), is the controller is way too small, and needs to have more precise control. It was difficult to navigate my thug while he was beating up hookers… Then again, I don’t play a lot of games (since the original Nintendo) …

Anyway, I voted for PS2, more games, more peeps to talk with, Sony’s a big employer in SF…


[quote] 3) ITS NOT OWNED BY MICROSOFT!!! [quote]


I think the PS2 controller is the best design possible. It gives u the most buttons at the easiest reach.

I agree that the controler for the ps2 is a good one but it just doesnt feel as good in your hands as the gamecube one does.

If the cube had 2 shoulder buttons on each side instead of 1 it would kick sonys @ss for sure :slight_smile: Although it does have the digital “click buttons” but no one utilizes them!

I found the cude controler to small for my hands. Have u tried using and old nintendo controler. It feels really werid.

The new smaller controller for Xbox surly beats all. The nice tough sensitive buttons, the doubble joystick or D pad on any game…its a buaut! And just the right size. Now there is talk about another controler with fans in it :P, keep your hands sweat free. Face it guys, you know you want the Xbox, it has so much potential, look at the new MGS2:S! Face it, you guys are seeing the end of PS2, its ok, let it go…

If i were to buy a new sys, deff GC. Zelda, Mario, $150USD, cant go wrong…

Whats your little world like bacause u sure aren’t living in this one. The Xbox is costing Microsoft hundreds of thousands of dollars every day. It has no future. They will probably scrap the whole project by next year.

you wish! OMG THIS IS XBOX B-DAY! or was it the 11th?

Thats not a wish there little man that is a fact. Origional the Xbox sold for $500. They where lossing $150 on eveyone they sold becasue the parts cost more then the sale price. They thought they would make the money back in game sales but it didn’t happen. The affter a year of selling PS2 for $500 the ydroped the price t o$300. This forced Xbox after only 5-6months of sale to drop there price to $300. No the yare losing $350 on every machine sold. Plus now they are givng away to free games when u buy one. Do you really think they can afford to supply a product that they are lossing close to $500 on every time they sell one. i don’t think so.

its $200 and they are loosing $200. not those figures…

and this is ms we are talking about…the bigest tech co in existance,

Hey think about it. the price is deffernt in Canada. Figure out the conversion if u can. Hahaha and u admited the yare losing money. Way to support my point:smirk:

microsoft admitted it. i forgot about the canda thing lol. in other posts i was like, wtf?

Microsoft may have deep pockets but no company can keep a losing product running very long

So what’s so bad about gamecube mdipi, you obviously haven’t played it!

If i were to buy a new sys, deff GC. Zelda, Mario, $150USD, cant go wrong…

He would buy a GC for a second choice. Just thought maybe you read it wrong…

Xbox. I got xbox about 3 weeks ago and it’s pretty good. The new S controller is really nice, probably one of the nicest I’ve ever used. Although it isn’t loaded with good games, there are plans for some really good ones. Plus, PS2 has been out two times as long as Xbox so there is potential. For sports games ps2 doesn’t stand a chance. I really kick myself because gtaIII runs bad on my computer and I want it. Then to add insult to injury, they made Vice City for psII only!!! I’ve been going to GTA forums for the past half year (mostly for the graphic design section but whatever :wink: ) and then they don’t give it to xbox. Sometimes I wish I had PS2 but xbox is a good choice.
Also I rented halo because we were going to have a family get together today and it’s really fun and there’s a cooperative campaign mode. Get this: playing a single player campaign with a team. It was so amazing. Couldn’t like it more.

Overall, I think that xbox has great potential and it’s only the beginning for the games, and psII is really good gameswise but will even up with xbox when xbox gets a little bit older.

Half of that probably didn’t make sense but I’m too lazy to proofread :stuck_out_tongue: