Quasar... hmmmm

I work for Quasar, (a laser gun game if u dont know. two teams with laser packs in a dark arena sorta thing) and have made a site for it… www.quasar-enfield.co.uk . Its my first Flash project, but dont be nice. Rip me to pieces please. Something i read recently applies to me… as magical and wonderous as Flash is, it encourages bad design. In the sense that you can bung anything anywhere, and make it do anything you want. Its very easy to get carried away and make things…tacky? I think ive fallen in to this hole. Any thoughts?

ooh yeah, my preloader is dodgy at the mo. It needs a right click and choose forward to take u to the main part after its loaded. hee hee! There r a few glitches that need to b ironed…

Yep…looks like those ole animated gifs kinda thing…too much, too many colors…looks like candy…make it simpler!\r\r1/in “What is Quasar/ Company history” , there’s no link back to the presentation with only the two titles showing. BTW, the “page” looks a bit empty with just those titles, put s’thing up there for people to look at while they decide if they want Company History or Playing the Game!\r2/in “What is Quasar/ Playing the Game/ Take the tour” , i s’pose you know that button isn’t working!? And try to make a rollover for those buttons, also make the hit area include the text part (which overlaps on each side), not only the arrow.\r3/“Prices and Parties/ KGC session” : quote: “…learn the tricks and tricks of the game…” you want to change one of those tricks into …?\r4/ “Meet the staff” : an empty screen again, why do i have to click on Start just to get to that revolving thingy? And this very thingy should stop on rollover, links are hard to catch! The link on the guy doesn’t work?! And the one on the girl opens a nice chromeless win with a very weird content in it, not ready yet? Also change window title (Borderless example) into s’thing meaningfull…guess you’re working on that…\r5/ check the size of the hit areas of your buttons, they overlap the red border! (in the main menu)\r6/ “Memberships and…” : what’s the click on the logo good for, just to see it centered again?\r7/ “Enquieries…” : the submit of your form doesn’t work (can’t access the cgi script)!\rWhen you tab from the e-mail field down, you don’t get to “comment”, instead the button on the left gets highlighted!\r8/the “Gift voucher” and “Soft Play” links on the Home don’t work!\r9/in FAQ, the text goes over the big red A (nswer), so it’s a bit hard to read…\r\rPost back after changes if you want, and sorry for all this :)\r(at least i had a look at it all…)

Cheers. I know about all the links leadin to nothin, coz i havent made anything yet! Silly things like borderles title im aware of…just havent sorted yet… but thanx for the tips on colours and stuff. Ive wanted sum1 to b honest coz i wanted to change it myself! Thanks again.