Question: attn: apple/mac freaks

when are they planning on releasing a G5 Powerbook?

whoops… i forgot about the computer and games forum…


dont hold your breath, because you would be holding it for another year or longer.

ugh. The ONLY thing macs have that PC’s don’t is final cut pro. Screw them for anything else. Sorry. If the software base was there, and they weren’t priced for kings, I might pick one up. I’d rather build a PC any day.

is that cos they are still trying to figure out how to keep them cool?

You, my friend, must not have done much research… at all… :trout:

Well, of course it’s not the ONLY thing, but what exclusive programs are worth using? ProTools is windows complaint now too… so I haven’t seen anything worth it besides final cut pro… which isn’t that big of a deal because Premiere works fine for now.

Premiere, backed by the fact that Adobe is amazing. And that I can build the exact same computer (specs wise) of a G5 for 400 dollars less (I have priced it many times). I have no reason to ever want a Mac.