Which one is your fave?

(all of them were done quick on flash earlier. the one you lot prefer become the front on my cover of my work folder)

plus any suggestions on a better name then recoil is greatly recieved. Thanks.

(the little circles are just for you to say i like number [insert yours here] incase you didn’t know)

i like the 3rd one.

thanks jubsy…

I like the 3rd one too!

cheers sykboi… thats two for number 3 now… :slight_smile:

Hey star :beam: This for your script?

I like the first one, if it is for your script it fits it well :slight_smile:

  • Soul :s:


boy number three is really popular… haha and i thought that was the worst… but then again im my biggest failing

just to let you know that i finally found a name im happy with… it will now be known as…


thats all for now…

3 or one 1. Could u try fliping 3 horizontaly for me. Just to see.

oki doki…

the font is to big. but 1 or three

It might be jsut me but i like that the best. 3 with the flip. it jsut seems to flow better

haha… i know it was just a comment but il tell you why the font is large… Its the title of my film, i dont want it to not be the center of atention hence the size…

1, 2 or 4

haha thats nearly all of them… haha cheers sen :slight_smile:

3 d0es looks good with the flip…

i just zoomed into three and boy its messy… it just shows how fast i threw them together…