Removing Backround Via Photoshop

Actually, it’s not gonna get so much prettier…

The owner doesn’t like fancy sheiz on her website… so…

not much to do really… but, if my current idea goes through with the chool board, it’s gonna look different yes… MUCH different… but not anything worth much…

(she even thinks gif’s are too advanced for her… she DOES not want any…)…


Well animated gifs are overrated :slight_smile:

If not used right they are tacky.

It is quite hard to find a person who things an image is too much though.

Try creating a site out of text.

Just be glad you don’t have to do that though LOL

Haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just gonna whip up something easy… :slight_smile:

I highly recommend the quick mask. Actually, I use a layer mask, just so I can edit the edges later on if I change my mind - but this is up to you. Try this, if you do not have a steady hand:

The round head is the bane of your unsteady hand. Other than that, it’s mostly straight lines. Use the elliptical marquee tool to select a part of the head:

Press “Q” to enter quick mask. Start with a fairly large brush - I’m using a 22px diameter, hardness: 100% round brush). While holding the shift key, click on points between straight lines. Holding shift while clicking creates a straight line from point to point (sparing your unsteady hand). His face has a lot of straight lines, so this isn’t too hard:

Here’s a detail:

Above the green circles represents points where I clicked. The single black circle was the last click. Keep doing this for the edges. Don’t worry if it’s a little off. In the end, you’ll have a bunch of clean lines and you’ll only have to do a few touch-ups - here I touched up the hood a bit, since it’s a little curved. Don’t be afraid to use the elliptical tool again to precisely select curved areas. That’s it! I accomplished this in just a couple minutes:

There you have it: I pretty much just regurgitated what Lost said, tossing in some time-saving keyboard shortcuts that you may not have known about.

Wow, thats a great explanation Ren.

You should write a tutorial on it… so we can put it on kirupas site when he gets the Photoshop section up :slight_smile:

YEah :slight_smile:

I’ve never reaally used the QM for anything… maybe I should try experimenting with it wome more…

You will fall instantly in love with it… i know I did.

Oh, and a few more side notes:

You can exit quick mask and delete the background but if you wish to soften the edges (so he doesn’t look totally cut out) apply a gaussian blur to the mask. I start out with hard edges and blur it altogether later, so the edges are all evenly feathered. You can make it blend more smoothly with the new background this way.

Again, this is why I use a layer mask, so that later I can adjust the softness of the edge and even edit the mask later.

what i do is use the pen tool to select what i want then use that as a mask and then refine it. works wonders.

ren, but that just selects my head…so when i press delete, it delets my face…maybe i am doing something wrong.

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**Speaking of which, check out pom’s new footer by me :slight_smile: **

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: niceeeee!!!

:x :x can you make one for me please ???:x :x

sure :slight_smile:

Eilsoe… Kirupaforums only professional Footer creator.

How many people did you create footer for now Eilsoe?


Pom, Kit, Phil… Eberth soon…

I really can’t remember…

I’ve made a ton of footers for pom alone :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHA, yeah you made about 4 different footers and matching Avatars for Pom :stuck_out_tongue:

Homer Simpson
Harry Potter
Austin Powers

I think that is all of them.

Yup, that about does it :slight_smile:

Well now here is another to add to your long list :slight_smile:

Yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to know someone actually likes my work :slight_smile:

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**ren, but that just selects my head…so when i press delete, it delets my face…maybe i am doing something wrong. **

Just your face? Are you brushing out the rest of the figure as instructed? You use the Ellipse selection tool to accurately select the head. After that, you must manually brush out the rest of the body (as originally instructed by Lostinbeta). This would be time-consuming for the unsteady hand, but if you use the shift key, you will save a lot of time. While holding the shift key, click the vertices between straight lines (the vertices are noted bye the green circles in the second and third image). I use a large, round brush for this, so the angles are smooth and round. Continue to do this until you have outline the entire figure. You may have to do some touch ups. Now brush the middle section out so the entire figure is selected. Does that clarify things?

Also, this should “select” the figure." You have to inverse the selection (Select > Inverse) to select the background to delete.

ok! i get it now, i just needed to invese! thanks so much!