Rollover Animation

How do you get a button rollover sequence in Flash MX where the following occurs:

  1. Let’s say you have a light blue rectangle with some text on it sitting on a white background.

  2. As a mouse scrolls over the button, the rectangle first changes to a darker blue, and THEN changes to white (on a white background, thus making the rectangle “disappear” on the screen) leaving just the text visible.

The whole rollover sequence lasts about 1 second. I understand the up state of the button, but can’t figure out how to make 2 things happen in the over state.

For reference please visit

Click on Launch current site. Then click the Enter “without intro” link.

That will open up a new window, and then you can see exactly what I’m trying to duplicate at the bottom of the screen. You will see three “button” links:

Replay Intro
AMS Message Forum

Thanks in advance for any insight!

That’s very easy to do - I’ll post the code or a fla in sec - I’m in the middle of something - unless the mods or someone does it first…

Cool, flex!

I appreciate your help.

If I understand the problem correctly, what you have to do is create a movie clip to do your box tween and fade, then place that in the Over state of the button.

Could someone post the .fla file so that I could look at it? I’m a “visual” guy. It’s easier for me to actually see something and learn from it, rather than just take direction.

That would be great! If not, I’ll eventually figure it out.

I totally forgot mate, I was too busy doing other stuff, I’ll try and have a go at it today.

That’s cool, flex.

“Whenever” is fine with me. And I do appreciate all of your help.

Sure makes it a helluva lot easier than pouring through Flash MX reference books. The book is nice, but it’s just too general in nature! As I said, I’m more of an “example” type. If I can see it, I can learn it.

Something along the lines of this

Just a quick job…


Thanks, flex! That’s just what I needed to “break down.”

Thanks again for your help. It is greatly appreciated!

Have a great weekend.

You’re welcome. Have a good one too…

EDIT: I forgot the dude gif…