Serious E-commerce Solutions

Hey guys, not posted on here for a while…

I’m stuck in a bit of a rut at work right now. I’ve been comissioned to find a new e-commerce solution for us to use. Currently we use Zen Cart, which, while it’s quick and easy to install (we have a couple of hundred e-commerce clients), it’s not going to be sustainable enough to support the new direction we’re going.

The other week I discovered Magento, this amazing looking piece of beauty which was everything we wanted in a store - manageable products, customer wishlists, one page checkout. Basically, the works. We took it to the demoing stage before we rolled it out and discovered it was very very slow - a lot of reviews backed that up. They also recommended it should never be used for shared hosting, which is obviously something we have to do.

Can anyone recommend any decent software?

We’re basically looking for Magento, but faster. We’ve found PrestaCart, Volusion, Actinic and a couple of .net based carts too.

Like I said, Zen Cart is just a complete mess so that also rules out OsCommerce and crap around that area.

Any help would be amazing thanks!