Simple nav issue.....I hope!

If I’m on scene ‘PORTFOLIO’ and I click button ‘PORTFOLIO’ it takes me to the next scene ‘EXPERIENCE’!!!

Should it not reload scene ‘PORTFOLIO’?
It seems to jump to the next scene in the list!?!?!?!?

The code is in the first frame of the timeline, it’s a workaround for a draggable nav that was having some strange problems:


_root.NavDrag.Portfolio.onRelease = function(){

_root.NavDrag.Experience.onRelease = function(){

_root.NavDrag.Gallery.onRelease = function(){

_root.NavDrag.Contact.onRelease = function(){

Simple code, I don’t know why it’s jumping next when it should simply reload the page…


I dunno anything about scenes, but let me giva ya some advice!
Never Use Scenes! :o
I don’t really know what they’re for but do not use 'em!
Just put your wepage or whatever inside a movieclip!
Use frames instead of scenes! Like that portfolio is not a scene, but a movieclip and make the actions gotoAndPlay(_root.wepage, 2) …like that the movieclip that consists portfolio is on frame #2:slight_smile:

I don’t recommend scenes either. They make your file size become gigantic. I recommend using loadMovie(), the easiest way to lower your file size and organize your movie easier.

If you do insist on using scenes, maybe using gotoAndStop rather than gotoAndPlay could help solve your problem. I know this sometimes helps with movie clips, I don’t know about scenes though.