Site Comments via Discourse?

Hi, everyone!
One of the things I’ve been fiddling with is getting the site’s comments working with these discourse forums. For an example of how this would look, check out Jeff Atwood’s blog:

The way it works is pretty simple. A forum topic for that blog post is created. That forum topic is then embedded into the blog, so you can see all of the responses in all their Discourse glory right there. To make a new response, you are taken the proper Discourse location.

What do you all think about this approach? This ensures that all discussion is localized to the Discourse backend without having two incompatible silos similar to what we have today: disqus for comments, discourse for forums.


I dig it

Makes sense to me, so I don’t have to check two separate places for notifications/questions.

The worst part about disqus is that I often end up not seeing a lot of notifications. I wonder if it all just gets lost or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I will keep the current disqus comments on each page as a read-only archive, so the existing items won’t get lost. No new disqus comments will be allowed.

We should find someone’s semi-incomplete Disqus import script and try importing all the comments into Discourse; what could go wrong?! :wink:


LOL. Should be totally straightforward :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I went ahead and turned that on. As people visit different tutorials on the site, a new thread will be automatically created on the forums. Discourse is kinda smart about also getting the full content of the page embedded as part of the automatically generated post.

That is kinda annoying, so I’m looking at what I can do to prevent that. Of course, I could just manually edit all of them with some boilerplate text…which I really don’t want to do haha.

EDIT: It is interesting to visualize all of the content people are actively reading on the site.

It’s time to bump this back up. With disqus turning on advertising, and the volume of comments on YouTube and the individual articles getting a bit too high, I think it is time we centralized ALL commenting to the forums. Yes, this does mean we’ll miss out on a lot of short comments from well-wishers, it does make the more meaningful or “I need help” sorts of comments easily searchable and linkable. Trying to post a code snippet on disqus or on YouTube comments is a major pain.

You’ll all start to see the changes in a few days.

Just enabled commenting via the forums only. Ignore those auto-generated threads that are appearing. They will keep getting bumped and showing up there for a few days :slight_smile: