Site Design

If anyone has any opinions on this site’s new design, please don’t hesitate to reply here.

Kirupa Chinnathambi
[email protected]

your site requires atleast 30 seconds introduction animation. it will make your site much better.


Hey Siva,
I’m considering adding a small introduction animation to my site. All I have to do is just create it hehe.


I strongly disagree with Sivas comment. As your site is intended to be a Flash resource it doesnot need an ‘all bells and whistles’ introduction. The bells and whistles of your site is the imformation it provides which is excellent.

One thing I think it would benefit from is a bit of advertising to get people to it and use the forums…

Hello Andrew,
You are absolutely right about that. That is why as you may notice there is no Flash intro. I figured that it would drive far too many people out of my site who would otherwise explore it further.

I have been busy of late with a book I’m writing that I have found very little time for updating this site. I’m planning on promoting my forum further because I still receive on average over 100 emails with common problems daily.

I’ve gotta tell ya. I’m impressed with the layout. All of the information is informative. Navigation is extrememly smooth, and I like the design in your animations. I also appreciate that animations’ sizes have been taken into consideration for dial-up users’ access.

wow nice SITE! and awesome colors everywhere. including the forum. keep up the good work. i just found this site today :slight_smile:
gonna browse some more

Needs more animated gifs.


I think Siva may have been using sarcasm.