My new site

Let me know what you think. This site is not done yet there will be a few cool things added but as far as right now, what do you think. Even tell me if it sucks, sometimes i just dont know. I make lots of crappy things. :ear:

Here it is studio Fuel

nice! but i think you should make some sort of intro

also try to use some sort of neat animation to make the site more interesting

Not to pick a fight, but I would not do anything Xperiment just said.

Your site is clean and organized now. Intros for no point drive me nuts. Intro and splash pages drive me nuts.

Your animations are nice now.

p.s. doesn’t someone else have the AWAKE site in their portfolio on here?

he doesnt really have any animations except for the page ink blot thingies. if you look at it, after clicking “creative” for example, you dont see any more animations…makes the site less appealing.

yeah someone else does have the awake site: me i am the same person as is my old personal site

www.studiofuel.comis my new personal site

yeah i dont have much animated yet i sort of just layed things in. in the creative section there will be some things added right now i just have it linking to the site but that will change.

also i agree about the whole intro thing. i am not about intros unless it is for an event that is upcoming or something like that. to me if you have an intro it should have a real reason for being there and not just to look cool.

The most overused accent with flash is animation. Just because you can create one, doesn’t mean you need to. It is a rpeference of design theory. Flash animations can be done cleanly and then they can be done, just to be done. Design with purpose is a better solution.

Again I like your site rl.

And the site I was talking about with AWAKE is two threads down

oh i see EthanM: the AWAKE site they have is for a band. The one that I did is a student ministries conference. If you veiw their project and then veiw mine it is two totally different things. Thanks for the look out though

but then wat is the point of flash if you dont animate? u could just do it in HTML then.

rl, my bad. I didn’t view the sites, I jsut noticed the name.

XP22, I’m not saying don’t animate. He has animations and motion on his site. He just doesn’t need to add more just so he can say “See look I used flash”

agreed, however that static image, although it’s nice looks out of place with no type of animation or mask effect.

nice work :slight_smile:

but most clients act on their impulses. if they see something smooth and that has a good flow to it and some movement, they want to do buisness with that designer, if they see a stagnant site, what will make them want that designer to work for this client?

I tend to click the close button on site’s with intro’s :sigh:

Most of rLife’s work is dynamic to my knowledge, not sure if this one is. You don’t need a ton of motion and intro’s to have a nice website. Usablity, development, and back end is far more important then motion :slight_smile:

It’s not like the entire site is static, I personally like it. Anything can be done better, but I like the style.

I have to start sounding like Rev, but how is it you know what most clients do?

Have you spent much time shopping for web designers? Have you worked in internet marketing for a period of time?

Motion or Stagnant doesn’t determine whether or not someone will like a site. - Motion - Static or Stagnat

It depends totally on how a technique is used.

ok, ok! maybe an intro is not that important, but SOME motion, im not saying everything on the site has to move, but maybe just somthing in the background.

Yay, another pretty good site for me to critique.

Layout is clean, and smooth, and appealing. I dunno that you need to have an intro either.

I don’t think there is a need for the news button cause it really serves no purpose other than to reload the news animation.

I also noticed that everytime I click on the same button again it will just go back to w/e frame number you specified it to go to, reloading the same page again.

Also kinda strange how you have a close button on your main section when all it closes to is a white box.

I’m sure these are things that you prolly already know, and I know the site isn’t done.

I like the site though, be nice to see it refined and finished.

This site is strong and has a strong portfolio, and just a little touch up work needs to be done IMO.

hey it is really good that we have had all this talk so far about the site. i am glad to see that there is a difference of opinion. the truth is that the site is not all the way done and is in fact missing the finishing touches such as “some” animation and more photos on the right side. the right side will have about 25 shots of my studio that will randomly choose each time you come to the site. the one that is there now is mostly for placement. thanks for the feedback, it really is good to hear good and the bad.


:slight_smile: i liked that part about “some” animation :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree with xperiment_22. The site could use something moving. It looks real nice, but it’s kind of boring… Yeah, something moving would be great:)

Good work anyway:)

slumgutt! ur the first person that really agrees with me! :slight_smile: