Site / Frame rate question

do you think the frame rate on this should be upped?

Maybe a little… Especially the preloader.
Also, the sound doesn’t loop 100% in my opinion.
The rest of the site is very nice :thumb:

The sound sucks at the moment am working on a sound loop about 35 sec duration

the sites nice but the music button at the top looked out of place along with the button to the left of it. Change those and the sound track and it will be good.

along with the previous comments and suggestions,
i just gotta say the gray isn’t really working out man, u can make it look better, or change the color:(
but i really like ur site, and the illustrations are beautiful:)

alright good luck

I believe it should be upped. The flashing when rolling over the buttons and many other things are very unnatural at this framerate.

pretty cool, but what was the whole purpose for frames?

It’s very fantastic, but i’ll change the sound…

Very good illustrations