Sitecheck and loadtime issue

I built:
For a friend. He was ADAMANT about using big, large pictures all over. Being fairly new to flash stuff, I did the best I could. But, when I went to first load the page, it’s preloader took about 2 minutes on a cable modem. Every time I revisit it now, it loads right away. I was hoping someone could check it, see if it loads quickly on another machine or not, and if not, any ideas as to why.


I’m using DSL and it’s still loading. The reason why yours (and everyone else’s) loads quick the second visit is because it’s already in your computer’s cache.


dsl going forever… try loading each one individually when you need it…

What pixels was talking about: Full Flash Site :wink:

yep, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

On cable it took a minute to load, then I got nothing, just a blank screen. I don’t think Gary Laursen is going to sell many houses through his site.:lol: About the pictures you say are all over the site, did you optimize them by “saving for web”.