Size matters - help with optimising, compression etc

Im trying to get an application Ive written in flash down to a usable size.

The movie is only 95kb at the moment but alot of our customers use dial-up and any time lost loading can lead to loss of income ( so the powers that be have commanded me to make it smaller). I think the goal is atleast 80kb.

90% of the movie is pure action script, its basically a front end to a java database system. I think theres easy some where in the vincinity of 6-7000 lines of code in it.

The movie is as optimised as I can make it so far in regards to streaming it for loading and the ordering of large objects. And I spent today making everything that can be externalized external. I think Ive managed to get 30kb out removed from a standard load, and only a small amount of customers will get this 30kb.

Ive run the compiled SWF through a few commercial compression tools and they have very little effect (as most of the film is text) and in one case actually enlarged the size of the file.

So Im wondering if anyone else has any ideas or knows of any good articles.

Any comments highly appreciated