Skills Factory

I don’t think this has been posted before but it’s really cool. Check out the scrollbars.

very well done, but doesn’t seem to have a nav, everything is on the main page, that’s kinda annoying

The concept is really cool as well as the art, but having all content on one page hurts my head.

I think it’s great,

A fresh concept not seen before. Doesn’t resemble any other sites. Yeah needs a little bit of studying to figure out what is what, but that keeps the audience attention.

Hi folks,

I’m honoured by these comments :slight_smile:

For the navigation all of you have total reason, I could define it experimental and boring but I haven’t the time for a new site’s version.

Sorry for my english


i really liked the nav as well… since there doesn’t seem to be a need for lots of info, why does it hurt to have it all on the one page? doesn’t’ feel cramped to me :slight_smile:

and those scrollbars are awesome!