Sneak peek at the site's new design!

I mentioned this earlier, but I’m working with Pasquale (aka Darkmotion) on a redesign of the site.

The goal isn’t to go too “out there”, but I do want to go back the pixelated style of yesteryear…err decade! :slight_smile:

The clouds will be animated. I also got permission from the creator of the Dark Project icons to use them on the new design, so you’ll likely see a lot of the old icons coming back as well.

The forums will get a similar treatment as well. So expect to see a lot more pixelated icons here as well.

Early thoughts? Concerns?

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Love it, u and Pasquale nailed it :slightly_smiling_face:… its got that retro feel but at the same time really slick. Like getting a new Super Nintendo…

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That is exactly the feel we were going for! Now, all we need is some 8-bit video game background music. Which may not be a bad idea actually!

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The changes are slowly starting to go live! I am updating the fonts on the tutorial pages with a handful of glitches that I will slowly address momentarily.

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The next frontier here will be updating the look of the forums. I am likely going to be tweaking this official theme, which you can preview by clicking here!

It looks great
I hope you have a pixelated sun (and moon for the dark theme) :slight_smile:
Yep, the forum needs it! just a pixelated bkg blue would be a huge difference.


Regarding the pixelated sun and moon, that is a great idea!

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I’m slowly making changes to the design! Here is what a callout section looks like :slight_smile:

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