Sniper Caught

he did himself in. led the police to the evidence in alabama.

over? this is just the beginning. we have months of hearings and trials to wipe all over the media. there’s already talk about a made for tv movie (as of yesterday before they even caught him!!)

Well I know they delayed a movie that was supposed to come out because of this.

The movie was actually about a sniper who was after this one guy and he would kill people around him or something like that.

They decided to delay the release of the movie (possible cancelling the release of the movie as well) because obviously the timing was not the best for it.

bit-101: I agree, a case like this will be stretched far beyond what it should be, but at least the killings are over… now we just have to be ready for it to be pushed in our faces for quite a while!


Lets hope at least… :evil: by this guy… IF, he is the only one…


you are right. at least it is over for the people in that area. they can go to work and school and put gas in their cars without waiting for a bullet.

i got to admit though, it is a chillingly effective technique of terrorism. 2 men, one gun, 13 bullets. brought a whole section of the country to a standstill for weeks. if he had kept his mouth shut, who knows how long he could have gone on.

Wait a minute, people… How did he get caught exactly? [SIZE=1]I’m a bit far from everything here…[/SIZE]

basically, he said something about another city in alabama. the police found an unsolved shooting there - same ammo. a fingerprint on the scene was traced to the kid (father and stepson team). they tracked down his car and issued an alert for it. someone saw it in a rest stop on the highway. they were sleeping in it. the police walked up and arrested them.

oh, and they found a rifle and tripod and site in the car and a hole bored in the trunk to shoot out of.

:-\ They were shooting from the trunk of their car?!?

Anyway, good thing that it’s over. Now if someone could take care of the ****ers from Bali, that would a good thing too.

yeah, unfortunately i think we’re going to tear the world into little pieces in order to make it safe…:-\

in WWII someone interviewed an american soldier about how great it was that they had liberated france. his reply: “Yeah, we liberated the hell out of it.”

oh well, war is peace, right?


Its twisted, but you are right.

Well, I was talking about that with a friend of mine today. I was actually wondering how we managed to remain unoccupied after war. After all, we lost the war in something like half an hour, and the french administration and the people in general help the Nazis as hard as they could. Only a few people had the courage to resist.

And then the American came, lost I don’t know how many men on our beaches, set us free, and this guy De Gaulle comes back from England and actually convinces everybody that France has won the war. :-\

I don’t know why I’m writing this. Maybe because I didn’t understand your last post, bit :q:

i think the soldier’s point was that france was pretty much in rubble, burnt and bombed and blasted up, largely from american ammunition. so, he said, yeah, we liberated the hell out of it.

i’m just afraid we’ll do that on a larger scale. in order to get at all the “bad guys”, we’ll bomb the crap out of everything else.

That is our history…


blaming pom is always a safe bet. i blame pom for WWII.

lol, even though the french had absolutely nothing to do with starting that war…

just don’t hurt the grape…


back to the thread: The two suspects gave the police the information that they WANTED the police to have to capture them. For the record, our law enforcement agencies would still be scratching their collective asses if the perps hadn’t given themselves up. I agree with the idea that this is far from over. These two have something to say to the world, and this was all a ploy to get the attention needed to do so. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Maybe I should start reading some of these “news posts” from you guys… :slight_smile:

I had all this information before the entire population of Denmark heard about it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, it was on the news half an hour ago!

And this has been on the forum here for a couple of days :slight_smile:

exactly… though like you, I seem to be at a loss so far as to what that message is. I can say that I’m pretty sure that these guys are NOT a sleeper cell. If they are acting, even in God’s name, they are doing so on their own, not at the behest of another larger group, like the Alkada. Of course I’m just speculating… but it does not seem to be the standard terrorist type manuverings we are accustomed to.