So I met this girl... (in lieu of a blog)

For the last 10 years, I’ve stopped into a cafe in Brunswick St for my after-work chartreuse/bloody mary/frappuccino/gossip. This street is awash with yuppies and heroin addicts/alcoholics asking for money. Anyway, after a while, I’ve got to know who asks for what, and normally I don’t hand money over, although I do give out the odd cigarette.

Recently a girl (about 14 or 15 years old) has shown up, and started hitting up the punters for money. She’s just started using heroin, still is pretty (smack isn’t showing on her face yet), and has a horrible boyfriend.

Anyway, I don’t give money to her either, although every now and then, when I’ve had a few drinks, I call her over and when her boyfriend’s not around, tell her she’s better than what she’s setting herself up for, and tell her to lose the ze’ro and get herself a he’ro. She’s really really not happy, and looks longingly at people’s coffees and food on the outside tables.

Incidentally, I noticed a massive surplus of food in my cupboard, so I thought, what the hell, I’ll put some groceries together for her. I’ve got no idea of her cooking skills, So I’m thinking non-perishable stuff for people who can’t necessarily cook. I’ve got:

lots of dried pasta and maggi noodles;
tinned tomatoes;
drinking chocolate;
canned soup;

I am going to go to the supermarket tomorrow and get some breakfast cereal, bread and bread-coverings. Was thinking of going the whole hog and getting some fun stuff, like hair product, eyeliner, chocolate, nice smelling shampoo etc. But not sure if that’s too patronising. I really like her, and want her to see **** beyond her current situation. If I had the means, and if I trusted her not to screw me, I would adopt her.