Favorite Consoles

what are your favorite consoles (if pc which brand , mac, win)
psx, ps2, etc…

ps2 and computer with windows

PC with Windows. The most recent console that I have at home is a Super NES lol.

Kirupa :ninja:

hey, don’t doubt the snes, it was a classic. anyway, for me i prefer the ps2 and pc - windows

The Sega Master System! WAY ahead of its time, but the NES had 90% of the market at that time, and sega didn’t really get in the game until the release of the Genesis…

Now, my favorite toys are my X-Box (Halo is absolutely AMAZING) and my beloved PC.

Nice thread topic :slight_smile:


eh, i’ll try halo when it comes on PC (and it will methinks)

Halo is cool, but I have a PS2…I love it…I just wish I had the money to buy all the games I wanted…maybe I’ll just rob and EB store… :slight_smile:

The PS2 is nice, but just doesn’t match up to the power of the X-Box. Hell, if I had the $ I’d buy a PS2 just to play Grand Theft Auto. I’ll prolly just end up buying it for my PC though.

My friend just ebayed his PS2 so he could get an X-Box to play Halo. In fact, he now has to buy a new controller because I owned his @$$ 5 out of 5 games yesterday. :evil:

P.S. The newest Oddworld is really cool, and a Halo 2 is in the works as we speak.

Stick out for GTA for the PC cuz you will be able to get alll the Mods…those would be cool. The sequal to GTA III will be out soon. GTA VICE CITY…should be phat…

PSX and Windows… Have to stick with PSX cause it has a mod chip and I can play import games =)

i still have my respect for Nintendo and i still play my nintnedo games right now…
Gamecube, all the first party games and second party games u’ll never get… :stuck_out_tongue:
BUt the XBOX and PS2 50% gamse are on PC anyways so i dont’ really care, although i know people buys PS2 and XBOX lots jsut to copy games, i mean now in days people still burn games for both so i might get that one of them jsut to play them… :bandit: relax i am not taht bad i jsut helping out those biull gates people and the rich people who owns Playstation =)

I might jump the XBOX bandwagon when the newer version of it comes out sometime. They will be using a newer version of nVidia’s NV30 graphics card, and that seems really awesome. If not, I just might plunk the same amount and consider purchasing a GeForce 5 (whatever NV30 will be called) instead. Don’t know yet :slight_smile:

Kirupa :rambo:

Well, I love the PS2, if only because of all the Final Fantasy games I can play on it.

But, I did get my old Amiga 500 out of the loft the other week, and since then the PS2 hasn’t had a look in. “North and South”! “Speedball 2”! “Rainbow Islands”! Classics, every single one.


I recently broke… And bought a PS2… I got Metalgear ‘n’ FF… i was adicted to to metalgear for 3 days… so my flatmates have hidden FF from me… until i finish all of my currrnet work… [at my request ]…

:frowning: or :slight_smile: not sure…


haha! two great games right there. those two should keep you busy for some time. i’ve almost hit 100 hours in ffx cause there’s so much to do. and mgs2, well, i’ve beaten it without getting the dog tags (not all of them) so there’s something i have to work with.

[EDIT] yes, i do have a life; i’ve been playing this game on and off pretty much since it came out [/EDIT]

i dont have any consoles except ps2 and the only game i have for it is Grand Theft Auto III. I say dont waste your money on consoles waste it on upgrades and software but, thats just me ?!