Soon to be site of the week!

Well my site should soon be released and will hopefully be site of the week (kirupa owes me that at least) and hopefully it will be good enough that kirupa would make me site of the week even if i didnt know him for about a year! Well here is the splash pages, but I can’t decide on which one looks better so could you please tell me wether you like version 1 or version 2?\r\rVersion 1:\r<a href=></a>\r\rVersion 2:\r<a href=></a>\r\rNOTE: I also have wallpapers to go with the release and I’ll release one of them now and here it is:\r<a href=>digital oasis</a>

I think you need more than a splash page to get site of the week. even if it is a really cool splash page… :slight_smile: oh yeah, I like the second one better.

Where at in Arizona do you live Dan??? I might Know you :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does Kirupa “owe” you SOTW position. I don’t think he rewards SOTW to those he’s acquainted with. They are rewarded to those deserving of it.

I live in Phoenix North of Bell Road and South of Dynamite. And between Scottsdale and Cave Creek, where do you live? And about the site of the week I was kind of just playing with kirupa about it since I have told him that I was going to come out with a site for the whole year that I knew him!

Sry My Account is Globaly Banned right now :frowning: But I live on Cooper / Warner in Gilbert… I guess I dont know you… I know a dan on 43rd n Thomas.

Yea that is a little far from me, I drive around all over but I don’t think I drive much in Gilbert. I’m 17, a senior at Pinnacle High School (used to go to PV High School). What about you?

Ren Girl, do you have doubts that I could make a site worthy of site of the week :frowning:

Oh no not at all Dan - weren’t you Site of the Week before? I was just wondering if you saved Kirupa’s life or did something so he “owes” you.

No I wasn’t site of the week before, I’ve never had a site to submit. I don’t know kirupa in real life but I would be honored to save his life, I’ll just have to get mi familia de mafia to back him up (i don’t really know the mafia but I am italian)!